DIY tutorial: make your own cross stitch magnet

Here are the contents of the DIY kit to make a cross-stitch magnet, available in the ellipsis box, edition Not all those who wander are lost:

  • aida plastic fabric, pre-cut to the right size
  • two magnets
  • felt for the back of the magnet
  • a size 7 needle
  • DMC embroidery threads (9 colours)

The pattern allows you to make a magnet representing Sauron's eye in cross stitch. You can download the pattern here.

Making a cross-stitch magnet is an activity I really enjoy, as it allows you to make a small project relatively quickly with your own hands. It takes about 3 hours of work, with soft (or epic!) music in the background...

Step 1:  Follow the model on the plastic aida canvas

Look at the legend on the model to identify which colour corresponds to which section.

Personally, I prefer to follow the pattern from left to right and top to bottom. So to start with, I would suggest taking the colour 3799 and making the top border.

One of the most important aspects of cross stitching is counting... To check that you are starting your pattern in the right place, and that you will have room to fit the whole pattern on the aida canvas.

As for the number of threads, each strand consists of 6 threads. I suggest using two strands to make the cross-stitches.

Thread your two strands through the needle, and make a triple or quadruple knot at one end of your thread.

After counting and making sure you start in the right place, use the following template to make cross-stitches:

If you have only one cross-stitch to make :


You start from the back of the fabric, the needle goes out from 1 and stitch in 2. It goes out in 3 to be stitched in 4. And you got a cross-stitch!

If you have several cross-stitches of the same colour to make:

Once your thread is finished, or you have no more cross-stich to do, you need to secure the thread to the back of the Aida fabric, by passing it behind already-made cross-stitches:

Step 2: Cut off the excess aida canvas

Once the pattern is complete, use a pair of scissors to cut away the excess of Aida canvas around your pattern. Be sure to keep the cross-stitch borders to avoid damaging your design.

Step 3: Sew the felt on the back of the magnet

Place your magnet in the center of the felt. Take only one thread of colour 3799, and make a running stitch:

Go around your pattern with a running stitch, and stop before closing it completely to slip the two magnets in.
Then finish the running stitches to go all the way around the magnet.

Step 4: Cut off excess felt

Using a pair of scissors, cut off the excess felt, being careful not to cut your running stitches.

And that's it!

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If you prefer to see a video, Sirithre has made one here.